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Customers who wish to use us for  transfer services must have the FFL they are purchasing from contact us by email to obtain our license. Handgun must be on CA DOJ ROSTER in order to have it transferred to us.  Longs guns must be CA compliant in order to have it transferred to us , NO EXCEPTIONS!!.

We only accept transfers from licensed dealer that are registered to ship to CA. Link for that FFL to register


After you make your purchase have that FFL contact us and that is all you need to do .When the firearm arrives we will contact you to  come in and start the DROS process. Nothing can be done ahead of time so please do not ask.

If you want to find out the status of your purchase please contact the seller. All transfers must pay sales tax on the firearm that is being transferred in (CA BOE rule on firearms).

Please note we will NOT except any High capacity magazines or re-build kits with your firearm transfer unless you are a Law Enforcement officer. High capacity magazines will be confiscated at your expense.

Transfer Fees for Handguns

$100 for handguns plus $37.19 DROS

Transfer Fees for Long Guns

(lower receivers are long guns)

$100 for the first long gun plus $37.19 DROS
$50 additional per long gun up to 3 total DROS fee included

(All FFL Transfer Paperwork Must Be Completed Within 10 Days Of Firearm Arriving To GUNS DIRECT Unless You Are On A 30 Day Wait. Then The Dros Must Be Completed As Soon As The 30 Days Are Complete. Any Firearm Left After 60 Days Will Be Considered Abandoned And Will Be Sold For Storage Fees). We Only Except Out Of State Transfers From Licensed Federal Firearms Dealers.

California Private Party Transfer Fees Hand Guns

$37.19 DROS Fee for the handgun 
Plus Dealer fee of $10 per hand gun.


California Private Party Transfer Fees Long Guns

$37.19 DROS Fee for Long guns 
Plus Dealer fee of $10 per Long Guns


It Is Illegal For Any Shop To Say They Are Not Doing PPT'S . Please Report Them To The DOJ Via Email BOFFIREARMS@DOJ.CA.GOV 

Typical Wait Time For PPT'S Are 1-3 Hours 

(Customer Must Have All Documentation Before Private Party Transfer Is Initiated I.E. Real ID, Proof Of Residency, Change Of Address)

  • We Will Not Transact Any PPT One Hour Prior To Closing

  • PPT Transactions Must Be Paid In Cash

  • Buyer And Seller Need To Exchange Money Outside The Store

  • If The Buyer Fails Their Background For Any Reason , The Seller Has 10 Days To Come Back In To Retrieve The Firearm Or It Will Be Turned Into The Burbank Police Department

  • If The Buyer Of The PPT Fails To Pick Up Their Firearm, We Will Not RE DROS The Firearm Without A $100 Storage Fee On Top Of State Fees To RE DROS

  • PPT Firearm Must Have A Soft Case Or Bag Reasonable To Its Size For Storage

  • Each Firearm Must Have Original Lock For The Transfer And One Legal Capacity Magazine. If Not One Must Be Purchased During The Transaction

  • Shipping Services Have Been Discontinued Till Further Notice.


Ammunition Transfer Policy

Minimum Transfer fee of 30 dollars or 10% of the total invoice whichever is greater

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